Timber... but smarter!

Half the joy is building, the other half is living in what we have built. Our smart timber products save time, contribute to a better climate benefit, simplify your work and improve the project's finances. Simply a little easier for you to build your dream and give a little more time to live in it. Timber... but smarter!

Climate Smart with Certified Wood

With our roots in Northern Sweden, the forest and the environment are very close to our heart. Therefore, it goes without saying that our products are manufactured from raw material from responsibly used forests and that we take ecological systems and biodiversity into consideration. Forests bind carbon dioxide and by using wood you contribute to sustainable development because the products store the carbon dioxide throughout the time they are used.

SCA's forestry that is certified to standards from FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™)(FSC™ C004466) or PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™).

Our forests should be at least as rich in biodiversity in the future as they are today. Continue building with wood, and we will continue to take care of our forests. For every tree we take down, we plant at least two new ones. Together we make a difference.

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Our range of value added timber products
Our product ideas simplify your work and improve the overall cost of your projects. Take a closer look at our Engineered Mouldings that are ready coated to save you time on site or our Simple2Clad system that features a concealed fitting and is ready painted in on-trend colours? Our innovations contribute to a better world.
We grow trees
SCA grow and plant seedlings that will grow for a century before they are harvested to become renewable and recyclable products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We bring this long-term perspective into everything we do. We manage our forests in a way that maintains their biological diversity, while the growing trees absorb the atmosphere's carbon dioxide.