About SCA SmartTimber

SCA Smart Timber products. An easier everyday life for everyone who builds, both professionals and by DIY enthusiasts. This is the goal of the SCA SmartTimber concept - innovations that simplify your work, contribute to climate benefits and improve the overall cost of your projects. Timber... but smarter!

For the building materials trade SCA delivers processed products, ready to be offered to consumers, and advanced distribution solutions. SCA combines it´s own products with purchases from other suppliers in order to offer a complete range of products. Customers mainly include building materials chains in Scandinavia, the UK and France and the products are used by both professionals and by DIY enthusiasts.

SCA is Europe’s largest private forest owner with 2.6 million hectares of environmentally certified forest land in Northern Sweden. Based on this unique resource, SCA has developed a resource-efficient industry to capture the greatest possible value from each tree, making use of every part. SCA has built an industrial ecosystem that maximizes value creation in and from the forest through renewable products and a resource-efficient value chain.

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