Fire Resistant Cladding

Easy to install, resistant to fire. We also offer our Simple2Clad system without a paint coating but with a fire resistant treatment. Impregnated under factory-controlled conditions, the treatment maintains the attractive colour of ThermoWood®.

The Simple2Clad system is a high-quality and highly developed cladding system. It helps you quickly create really stylish and extensive uniform wall surfaces. The concealed fastening system leaves no traces of the fasteners and as there is no face fix, the fire resistance is maintained.

Features & Benefits 

The fastening battens and metal fasteners are also fire resistant. The system has been designed with the user in mind to be as easy-to-use and as functional as possible. It is easy to install the fasteners by pressing them onto the cladding battens then cladding is slotted into the fasteners for quick installation. Compared to the mounting method used on the surface of a normal cladding panel, considerably fewer screws are needed by the Simple2Clad system.

Among the key features of the cladding system is durability. The service life of cladding is extended when the surface remains intact. Making screw holes in the cladding also invalidate the fire resistant treatment, but an unbroken surface protects the panels better and improves the durability.

Thermally treated redwood is used as the raw material for the panels and battens, which is already a very durable in and is a stable material for outdoor construction. We are convinced about the durability of our products, so we give them a 30-year guarantee for decay resistance.

For all scenarios, check that the product being considered is suitable for use and, if required by Building Control, ensure that the selected product is of the correct specification.

  • Reaction to fire classification: B-s1,d0
  • Test method Field of application rules EN 13823:2010 +A1:2014
  • This classification has been carried out in accordance with clause 11.6, 11.9 and 11.10 of EN 135011:2007 +A1:2009
  • Ready to install 
  • Enables the concealed mounting of the cladding panels without visible screw holes on the surface
  • System is easy and quick to install
  • Excellent natural decay resistance
  • Material: Thermo-treated Redwood
  • Thermo-treated wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material
  • Guaranteed quality: 30-year guarantee for decay resistance

Sizes Available: 

Fire Resistant Cladding panel: 25 x 150mm (20 x 141mm)
Face cover 131mm

Fire Resistant Grooved Batten: 26 x 41mm 

Fasteners: Metal x 30 pieces

Fire Resistant 'L' Corner Trim: 42 x 42mm

By building with wood from SCA you help to bind carbon dioxide. In 2019, SCA's operations contributed to a climate benefit of 10.5 million tonnes.


Curious to know more about our sustainability work? Find out more about it here. 

Installation Instructions

Mounting Horizontal cladding

Wind-shield boards must first be attached to the frame structures of the outside walls. Vertical mounting battens are attached over the windshield board at the positions of the frame boards, based on the distribution of the frame boards. The background structure (wind-shield board and mounting battens) must be straight before the installation of the panels. The mounting battens must be in line with each other. We recommend that the mounting battens be mounted on the windshield board with self-drilling screws. 

In horizontal cladding panel installation begins from the lower edge. First attach the concealed clips horizontally to the lower edge of the mounting battens. Attach these lower clips with screws. 


Install the panel inserting the tongue into the groove upwards on top of the clips and press them down firmly. Press the next concealed clips onto the mounting battens and press them firmly onto the panel. Install the next panel. Secure the clips of every fifth layer by drilling with 3x25 countersunk screws or by nailing with 1,7-2,3 x32 nails. If necessary, the clips and panels can be taken off the mounting battens by pulling from the side off the clips. Make panel extensions at the position of the mounting battens. 

The ends of the boards must be painted or otherwise surface-treated.


Guaranteed quality: 30-year guarantee for decay resistance