Cladding Accessories

The concealed fixings extend the durability of the Simple2Clad panels as there are no nail or screw holes or even hammer strokes on the panel's exposed surfaces. It is easy to install the fasteners on the batten by fimly pressing them on to it.

Features & Benefits 

The system has been designed with the user in mind to be easy-to-use and functional. 


  • Fastening Batten: 26×41mm
  • Fasteners: Nylon x 30 pieces
  • L-Corner section: 42x42mm


  • Easy-to-use
  • Cover large surfaces without visible screws
  • The helpful belt clip system that the fasteners are attached too, aids installation when working at height
  • Fasteners are quickly released from the board to which they are attached
  • Made from Nylon
  • Use considerably less screws/nails compared to the mounting method used on the surface of a normal panel
  • Colour: White


  • Grooved too allow clips to fasten securely to the batten
  • 30 year guarantee against decay

L-Corner Batten

  • Covers the corner joints of installed cladding as an alternative to mitred joints
  • 30 year guarantee against decay

By building with wood from SCA you help to bind carbon dioxide. In 2019, SCA's operations contributed to a climate benefit of 10.5 million tonnes.


Curious to know more about our sustainability work? Find out more about it here. 

Installation Instructions

  • Before installing the SmartTimber cladding panels, ensure the background structure is straight and the mounting battens are inline with each other
  • When installing horizontally, begin from the lower edge
  • First attach the fasteners to the lower edge of the mounting battens with screws
  • Install the first panel by inserting the tongue on the clip into the groove of the panel and press down firmly
  • Press the next fastener onto the mounting battens and press them firmly onto the cladding panel
  • Install the next panel securing the clips every fifth layer by screws or nails

For more installation instructions, see the Grey or Black cladding page.