A sound absorbing light sculpture.

Improving a soundscape is easy. Doing it with style is the hard part. Holly is sculptural and enigmatic. It plays with the contrasts between light, reflection and shadows. Holly is an aesthetic and functional entity in which acoustics and lighting are equally important. Holly strikes a perfect aesthetic balance between the two functions.

With Holly, Homstvedt and Klock have challenged preconceptions of how a lamp with acoustic properties should look.

Functional and beautiful

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Holly is available in two versions

A vertical one suitable for lobbies and other high-ceiling spaces and a horizontal one that can be suspended over large tables.

Holly is neither a lamp with acoustic properties nor an acoustic furniture piece equipped with lighting. None of its practical features is paramount.

Designed by Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt

The ambition was to create a beautiful object that also happens to be really functional.

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