SCA Lynx innovative cladding

The lynx, moves majestically and smoothly in our northern forests, in the same forests where our slow-growing trees grows. In collaboration with architect Camilla Schlyter, we have developed innovative panels from these trees that create fascinating shadow effects when sunlight falls on them.

  • Modern and contemporary appearance.
  • Mix and match the profiles.
  • The corners can be either square or rounded.
  • Varied shadow effects in natural light depending on morning or afternoon sun.
  • Quality grade G4-2 spruce wood.
  • Heartwood pine available on request.
  • Unique design developed in collaboration with Swedish architect Camilla Schlyter and RISE research institute

Area of use: Exterior paneling

Profile: Wavy and grooved

Surface treatment: Untreated or painted in any color from Jotun's range

Length: 3600mm, 4200mm, 4800mm

Variant Height x Width Surface area
A1 28 x 120 Wavy
A2 28 x 120 Wavy
A3 22 x 120 Grooved
A4 28 x 120 Grooved

Variant Height x Width Form 
B1 45 x 140 Round
B2 45 x 140 Rectangular
B3 45 x 95 Rectangular

The house is best maintained with an annual wash. It removes both dirt and harmful mold and algae growth, leaving the house looking clean and well-maintained after just a few hours of work.

While washing, you also get a good overview of any other maintenance tasks you should plan for this season. It could be a panel board that needs replacing, a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint, or a fence that needs staining. Boards that are damaged or full of cracks from before can be replaced before washing begins.

As soon as the temperatures rise, you should wash the decking and exterior panels with a brush, soap, and water. You can also use other cleaning agents available on the market; consult a specialist for advice.

Using a pressure washer should be done with caution as it can roughen up the wood surface, creating cracks and damaging the wood

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