SCA Alces Fire Retardant Treated

SCA Alces is fire-retardant treated and meets industry requirements for large and tall timber buildings.

Launching in autumn 2024

The moose (Alces alces in Latin) majestically roams our northern forests, and just like the true king of the woods, SCA Alces is a sturdy and resilient product that withstands most challenges, including fire.

Painted and fire-retardant treated by SCA SmartTimber, providing you with a CE-certified secure solution for a fire-safe facade. SCA offers a fire protection that achieves the highest euroclass for fire-protected wood - B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501. The product is also environmentally friendly thanks to a 100% biodegradable impregnation liquid.

Good fire protection should work in all environments. The challenge with exterior fire protection is to maintain the fire class over time without affecting the visual appearance. This applies whether it is spruce or pine that needs fire protection.

Exterior fire protection
Fire impregnation provides fire protection with deep penetration into the wood. This means that no maintenance is required to maintain the fire protection over time, so you as a project manager can feel safe.

100% biodegradable
Thanks to a 100% biodegradable formula, our fire-retardant treated exterior panel produces low smoke development. Our fire-retardant treated exterior panel has the highest rating A in Healthy Home® and Gold level in Cradle2Cradle®.

Fire impregnation allows sawing, cutting, and wear of the wood without affecting the fire protection.

B-s1, d0 for all fire-protected facade needs
Thanks to a certified, durable, and environmentally friendly product, we can offer fire impregnation for all situations. Classified according to EN 14915 and tested according to EN 13501, the highest possible fire class for wood is offered.

Mounting for pine
Installed without an air gap on a substrate of Euroclass A1 or A2 s1, d0 with a minimum thickness of 9mm, density > 652 kg/m3. Horizontal or vertical installation.

Mounting for spruce
Installed with or without an air gap on a substrate of Euroclass A1 or A2 s1, d0 with a minimum thickness of 12mm, density > 525kg/m3. Horizontal or vertical installation.

Area of Use: Exterior Paneling

Surface Treatment: Painted

Thickness: Minimum thickness 16-28 mm

Length: Pine - Random lengths with end-matched tongue and groove. Spruce - 3600 mm, 4200 mm, 4800 mm

Wood Species Fire Classes Minimum thickness Density G/M3
Spruce B-s1, d0 16-28 mm 355-536
Pine B-s1, d0 16-28 mm 450-600

In accordance with EN 13501 and EN 13823 (SBI) and EN 14135:2004

Complete Documentation With fire-retardant treated exterior paneling, full documentation of tests and certificates from our partners is provided

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